A new home

Hi All,

I am over here now at my new blog (http://lievebee.blogspot.com/).  Bear with me while I work through all the kinks and formatting.




Mother’s Day

Dear Mom,

Sorry for being the type of kid that needs to try everything once:

  • swimming lessons
  • piano
  • tap dancing
  • t-ball
  • ballet
  • violin
  • soccer
  • synchronized swimming
  • baritone horn
  • petting farm attendant
  • choir
  • jazz
  • basketball
  • bike safety
  • field hockey
  • girls science
  • student council
  • football
  • refereeing
  • yearbook club
  • rugby
  • volleyball
and thank you for being there through every single step.

We snuck in a little mid-week trip to Seattle, the weather was gorgeous and I got to see this little guy again.  Bigger post to follow.

The Royal Wedding

Did you watch?  I started watching at 5:00am and decided to simultaneously semi-successfully bake brioche rolls.  I spent the morning burning a trail between the kitchen and tv trying to be there for all the perfect moments.  I absolutely loved Kate Middleton’s dress…I am sure it is hard to pull of modern/chic while trying to get it approved by the royals.

But I have to say….the absolute best dressed for me were Queen Elizabeth and the bride’s sister Pippa.  The Queen had the perfect shade of yellow (which is the colour she wore the last time I saw her at age of 9) and her hat is just fabulous.

And oh my goodness Pippa’s dress…it is just stunning:

{images via InStyle}

Across the pond

All my thoughts seem to surround Europe lately.  Firstly, my mum is there visiting family which makes me miss them a lot.  Can’t you just smell the Appel Pannenkoeken from here?

Secondly, I have been preparing for the Royal Wedding tomorrow.  It is on at 3:00am PST (which is a bit too early for me) so I will be tuning in around 5:30am.  I will also be starting with coffee, but will definitely work tea into my day somewhere.

Turn a Pallet into a hanging garden…incredible!

{photo & article}

Done and Done.

Pictures above are two very happy people who finished the 10km run today.  And oh what a day it was.  Since we hadn’t trained (read: exercised consistently in months) I channeled my inner runner and made a big pasta dinner the night before (carb loading-it’s supposed to help I googled it).  Erin also made a fabulous rhubarb crisp and we opened some wine but that isn’t part of the ‘inner runner bit’.

Race day came early the next morning, we had signed up to volunteer so were pleasantly distracted.  Unfortunately, pre-race we had a chance to look around-there were gadgets I couldn’t name, watches, mesh things, warming up and people that looked like they did this type of thing every weekend.  To top it off the 5km racers had different coloured racing numbers so we would have stuck out like sore thumbs if we tried to switch teams.  In the end, we finished in under an hour and were very pleased with ourselves.  I was also extremely pleased to run through the finish line and be handed a water by Miss Oregon Earth (I love beauty queens).