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Did you watch?  I started watching at 5:00am and decided to simultaneously semi-successfully bake brioche rolls.  I spent the morning burning a trail between the kitchen and tv trying to be there for all the perfect moments.  I absolutely loved Kate Middleton’s dress…I am sure it is hard to pull of modern/chic while trying to get it approved by the royals.

But I have to say….the absolute best dressed for me were Queen Elizabeth and the bride’s sister Pippa.  The Queen had the perfect shade of yellow (which is the colour she wore the last time I saw her at age of 9) and her hat is just fabulous.

And oh my goodness Pippa’s dress…it is just stunning:

{images via InStyle}


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My fashion posse

I admit it.  I wish I had the fashion sense of say an Olsen twin.  I can blame my bad fashion sense on the minor gap in income between myself and either girl but really I think it is more an energy thing.  And if an 80 pound 25 year old can find the strength…I am left with little excuse.

There are others too that are not as often found gracing the pages of VOGUE that should get a little more credit.  The latest fashionista’s below:

Emma 1thadie 1marion

Photo credit: InStyle.com

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I am a true Sagittarius, and have come to accept it.  I love, live and thrive on polar extremes.  When it comes to fashion, nothing inspires me more than a crisp seams and straight lines.  Looking at the bolero jackets below, I think i have underestimated the strength of a ruffle.

bolero 4

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why…WHY?!???!! couldn’t you have a thinner heel?

photo credit: Shop Coclico

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